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Tricogen Shampoo 250ml


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Combats excessive sebum, treats emerging dandruff and to prevents hair loss. This triple effect is made possible by the stimulation of Auxina Tricogena and Balsamo Fioravanti.

Balsamo Fioravanti - a rich complex of precious plant extracts:

  • Myrrh and Ginger - their synergy removes all impurities from the hair bulb, allowing the regulation of the nutritional exchanges.
  • Essential Laurus oil creates the optimal condition to preserve the hair papilla
  • Cinnamon extract develops an effective astringent and purifying effect on the scalp
  • Galbanum oil has soothing and strengthening properties
  • Zedoary - gives body and brilliance to the hair
  • Clove essential oil - removes excessive oil, restoring balance to hair and scalp
  • Scotch Pine oil and natural Menthol crystals - help provide the substantial nourishment for hair growth

Auxina Tricogena - induces growth of the individual hair bulbs.

Form optimal result complete the treatment by applying Tricogen Lotion after shampooing with Tricogen Shampoo.