bdr System - Success stories

Before and After images showing the effects of using the bdr Compact System and products.

Note that actual number of treatments depends on the severity of the condition and individual skin.

Acne treatment  





12 treatments
rechts-vorher-cecil.jpg cecil-rechts-nach-s-ure-profi-licht-1x-die-woche.2monate.jpg 
8 treatments  
Wrinkle treatments   
Before   After
Vertical upper and lower lip wrinkles treatment    
fr.phillip-lippen-oben.jpg mund-6.beh-profi-s-stim.xs-gel-eyes.jpg 
6 treatments  
 Deep wrinkles and sagging skin treatment   
holger-schwester-vorher.jpg  holger-schwester-6-kur-profipeel-xl.jpg 
12 treatments  
Eye and cheek wrinkles treatment   
fr.weirich.jpg  fr.weirich-rechts-6-kur-beh.-profi-xl-xs.jpg 
6 treatments  
Eye and cheek wrinkles treatment   
 fr.ochmann-links-1.beh.vorher.jpg fr.ochmann-nach-1.beh.links.jpg 
  6 treatments